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The role of a trustee is voluntary.

Trustees are responsible for the direction and performance of their charity.  Trustees will provide management and monitoring of staff activities and in a small charity the trustee may carry out tasks necessary for the day to day management of the charity.

The main responsibilities include:-

  • Ultimate responsibility for the work of the charity
  • Acting in the best interests of the charity
  • taking decisions about the future of the charity
  • ensuring that it remains sustainable
  • considering future challenges and prepare the charity to face them
  • ensuring that the charity is working within the law
  • being accountable to the organisation
  • supporting the head of staff
  • monitoring to ensure that the charity is meeting its objectives
  • ensuring that the board is working effectively and efficiently

A board will be stronger if the trustees have a variety of skills: hard skills, such as accountancy, legal, business management etc and soft skills, encouraging team work, problem solving, maintaining good working relationships and keeping trustees in touch with the membership of the group.

Potential trustees will be appointed on the basis of what they can offer the board and the organisation generally.


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