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I would like to say thank you for all your support. I only contacted you last week and your input at such short notice is really appreciated and has made a big difference. We have been struggling for so long trying to get the doctors to listen to us to make sure that he gets the treatment he needs. As James* has no family, I have felt very  responsible for the way he has been let down by his doctors. Having an advocate  to support us in getting our case across has already meant that things have changed for the better for James. I only wish I had contacted you sooner. (*name has been changed)

Oxfordshire Advocacy(OA)  is a registered charity that supports people to say what they want to say, to secure their rights and services and to represent their interests. Our trained staff and volunteers offer a free advocacy service for all adults including older people, those with dementia, learning difficulties, mental health issues and physical needs.

Advocacy can help people:

  • Make their own views and wishes clear

  • Express their views effectively

  • Represent their views faithfully and effectively

  • Get independent and accurate information

  • Enable different viewpoints to be heard

OA also provides

OA has its own training group, providing accredited training to volunteers. More details here.

Some example of the work we have done with past advocacy clients.


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