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Example of how our Generic Advocacy service works Feedback

Employment issue
A had been off work for a year with difficulties that she felt were aggravated by the way her employer had mishandled a false allegation made against her by a work colleague. She took out a grievance against her employer and asked for advocate support at the grievance meeting
How our OA advocate supported the client to have their voice heard
I had preparatory meetings with A and helped her prepare a summary of the points she wanted to make. I attended the meeting we used the document we had prepared to keep focus during the meeting. A decided that she wanted to appeal the grievance panel judgement and we adopted the same procedure for the appeal hearing.
Was the client’s issue resolved?
A appealed against the findings of the grievance panel and with support of the advocate at an appeals hearing her appeal was partially successful.
How have you developed your skills as a volunteer? What do you gain from your experience of volunteering with OA?
I learned about grievance procedures and techniques for enabling a client to be able to contribute to formal meetings confidently and in a focussed way. I also had an opportunity to identify the boundary between advocacy and legal advice/support in this case and to prepare to withdraw when the boundary was reached.

More stories of our work and the difference it makes to disadvantaged individuals

Oxfordshire Advocacy(OA)  is a registered charity that supports people to say what they want to say, to secure their rights and services and to represent their interests. Our trained staff and volunteers offer a free advocacy service for all adults including older people, those with dementia, learning difficulties, mental health issues and physical needs.

Advocacy can help people:

  • Make their own views and wishes clear

  • Express their views effectively

  • Represent their views faithfully and effectively

  • Get independent and accurate information

  • Enable different viewpoints to be heard

OA also provides:

OA has its own training group, providing accredited training to volunteers. More details here.

Some example of the work we have done with past advocacy clients.


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