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Providing free advocacy support to vulnerable residents in Oxfordshire


Oxfordshire Advocacy (OA) is a registered charity providing free, independent and confidential advocacy support to vulnerable residents in Oxfordshire.

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‘GETTING HEARD’  – Partnership working

  •  Oxfordshire Advocacy and SEAP – have recently formed a partnership.

Advocacy is about helping people put their views into words and take control of their lives. Advocates work with people who ask for or need support by listening to them, finding out what they want and helping them have a voice so that their wishes are known.

Two established local charities – Oxfordshire Advocacy and SEAP (Support, Empower, Advocate, Promote) – have recently come together under the banner of ‘Getting Heard’ in order to bring their services closer together by working in partnership. The two charities are planning to move in to the same premises in April 2015 along with Healthwatch Oxfordshire, when there will be a wider launch of the partnership.

Advocacy services

There are four strands of support provided by the Getting Heard partnership. The first three are statutory services. Anyone can use the NHS complaints and independent advocacy services.

  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA) – tel: 01865 767462
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) – tel: 0330 440 9000
  • NHS Complaints Advocacy – tel: 0330 440 9000
  • Independent Advocacy for Adults – tel: 01865 741200

Skilled advocates are on hand to offer support when it’s needed. They help someone work out what they need, then work with them to help them achieve their goals. They don’t tell someone what to do or make a judgement about what they decide. It’s a person’s wishes that count.

The advocacy services provided by Getting Heard are free, independent and confidential.

If you’re interested in learning more about advocacy and how these principles might be helpful for someone you know, please contact Getting Heard – details below. Advocacy training is also available.

Getting in touch

We are working towards a general enquiry line for the April launch in the meantime please contact:

SEAP – NHS Complaints and IMHA Tel: 0330 440 9000 Email: info@seap.org.uk

Oxfordshire Advocacy- Independent Advocacy for Adults

Oxfordshire Advocacy IMCA Tel: 01865 767462 email imca@oadg.org.uk and Independent Advocacy for adults Tel: 01865 741200 Email: gettingheard@oadg.org.uk

Two new services are available that aren’t part of the Getting Heard partnership.

Military Project

Oxfordshire has a long history of military links with a large number of serving and ex-serving personnel who live here.

Advocacy is available to anyone with a military background who needs additional support to help them in their life outside the military – be that 30 years ago or tomorrow.

This could be linked to housing, benefits, physical or mental health or other issues. Contact tel: 0330 440 9000 email: military@seap.org.uk.

Cancer, Older People and Advocacy Project

This service is available to Oxfordshire residents aged 50 and over who have been affected by cancer – either as a patient or a family member, friend or carer. Advocates can help people find out what they need to know, come to medical appointments, find out about local practical help and support them to make informed choices and decisions about treatment and care. They can help with things that are worrying people so that they can focus on their health and wellbeing, particularly if feeling unwell and undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. Contact tel: 01865 230203 email: copa@oadg.org.uk.


“Getting Heard supporting you

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your wishes are known”

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