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‘GETTING HEARD’  – Partnership working

As of April 1st   two local charities, Oxfordshire Advocacy and SEAP, that have been successfully delivering advocacy services in Oxfordshire for many years joined forces.

SEAP Oxfordshire    &    Oxfordshire Advocacy    now working together as ‘Getting Heard’

People in Oxfordshire will be able to get their voice heard with the support of an advocate whether that is around an NHS complaint, health and social care or mental health issues.

Different types of advocacy:-

  • SEAP NHS Complaints Advocacy – SEAP is a free, independent advocacy service that can help you make a complaint about any aspect of your NHS care or treatment. This could be with an NHS GP, dentist, pharmacy or hospital and also includes treatment in a private hospital or care home that is funded by the NHS. SEAP also manages this service in Buckinghamshire.

We will provide you with information to help you make a complaint about your care or treatment using the NHS Complaints Procedure. You can choose to make your complaint with, or without, the support of an advocate. Your decision may depend on how confident you feel about starting the complaints process and the complexity of your case. If you feel you need further support, we can provide you with an advocate to help you get your voice heard. Please contact us on the number below so that we can discuss the service in more detail.

CONTACT – Tel: 0330 440 9000       Email:  oxfordshire@seap.org.uk

  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) service – SEAP also provides an advocacy service for residents in Oxfordshire with mental health conditions.  Advocates provide support around their care and treatment of those with mental health issues  supporting  them in getting the information they need so they can understand their rights and any medical treatment they are being given or offered.

CONTACT – Tel: 0330 440 9000          Email:  oxfordshire@seap.org.uk

  • Oxfordshire Advocacy (OA) – Independent Advocacy for Adults – OA provides this free, confidential and independent service. This is available to anyone who feels they need support to say what they want and to secure their rights and services. An advocate is someone who argues your case for you, or helps you to speak up for yourself so that your views are heard and taken into account. Our advocates can support you to write letters, make phone calls, research information and attend meetings and appointments. An advocate will work in a one to one partnership with the person whom she/he supports.

Fully trained staff and volunteers provide the advocacy for all adults in Oxfordshire including older people, those with dementia and learning difficulties, mental and physical health needs and sensory impairment. We support people with a huge range of issues including getting access to the right services, housing issues, finance and employment, medical or health issues or making a complaint.

CONTACT – Tel: 01865 741200         Email:   oadg@oadg.org.uk

  •  Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service (IMCA) –   OA also provides advocacy support for people who are deemed to lack capacity and who have no immediate family to support them and represent them. Our Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service (IMCA) will provide support when decisions need to be taken about a change of accommodation or serious medical treatment. Their role is to represent that persons wishes, feelings, values and beliefs and ensure that these are considered when the decision is made.

CONTACT – Tel: 01865 767462         Email:  imca@oadg.org.uk


“Getting Heard support you

 to make sure

 your voice is heard


your wishes are known”


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