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Are you a good listener? Then come and be a volunteer with us – Training course coming up shortly – New Volunteer Training Course dates – June 15

Click and make a donation to ensure disadvantaged adults can continue to get their voices heard on matters that impact their wellbeing. Not everyone has someone there to support them when they face fear and distressing circumstances.

In March 2015 our statutory funding for what Oxfordshire Advocacy terms its Generic Service (those areas that fall outside of the statutory provision for advocacy) was cut.  We are now totally reliant on donations to be able to deliver this service to disadvantaged adults in Oxfordshire.

Our team of brilliant trained volunteers deliver provide Oxfordshire residents with this advocacy but due to its sensitivity office staff support is required for when difficulties arise and day to day allocation of advocacy cases.

Our 5 priorities of who we can support for the Generic service are:

1. Issues involving those with Learning Difficulties / Disability not covered by the Care Act or another agency. This category includes those who do not define themselves as having any learning difficulty and will include, but not be limited to, dyslexia, dementia, difficulty in communication etc.

2. Child Protection (one meeting only no ongoing support). The one meeting to be prior to appointment of legal representation).

3. Housing, both social and private landlord issues.

4. Those with Mental Health issues facing substantial difficulty in communicating and who are not suitable for other services such as MIND and SEAP Oxford.

5. Anyone who needs our assistance, is not in one of the other priority categories and who cannot be assisted by any other service or organisation and would be facing major issues on their own.

We cover issues such as:

safeguarding, residential homes closing, housing, benefits, financial, relationships, accessing appropriate services, issues around children, employment, physical health, mental health,legal, education, multiple issues.

Want to become a volunteer advocate?  Call Pat on 01865 741200 for an informal chat to learn more about becoming a volunteer advocate or email pat@oadg.org.uk.

Oxfordshire Advocacy (OA) is a registered charity reliant on grants, donations and our trained volunteer advocates.

Oxfordshire Advocacy supports disadvantaged  adults 18+, ensuring their needs are expressed and their voices heard, empowering them to have their rights, views and wishes taken into account in important decisions that affect their lives.

Along with our:

Cancer, Older People and Advocacy Programme 

Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA) Service

Care Act Advocacy (ICCA) Service

  Oxfordshire Advocacy services are:

  • FREE (No cost to user)hands2

 PLEASE NOTE: We only work with residents of Oxfordshire


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